Money Saving Advantages Of Renting A Tiki Party Boat For A Bachelor Party

Posted on: 12 December 2022

If you have a friend who is getting married soon and you are responsible for their bachelor party arrangements, you may be trying to find a memorable venue for the event. Many standard venues may be available, but they may be considered mundane and traditional.

Nevertheless, there are some exciting, unusual venues for bachelor parties. They include tiki party boats. Here are a few money-saving advantages of choosing a tiki party boat for your next bachelor party.

Fewer Decorations Needed

Many party venues are fully enclosed, offering few views outside of the normal décor of a party room. To make the room look special, you may have to bring your own decorations and prepare the venue before the bachelor party takes place. The additional preparation can result in added time and costs. With a party boat, you can spend more time with your friends or deal with other commitments. Moreover, you can save money on decorations.

A tiki party boat is already decorated in an island theme that can become the overall theme of the bachelor party. Additionally, the surrounding water helps form naturally scenic views that need little additional enhancement.

Wine and Beer May Be Included

A common bachelor party expense is alcohol. Drinks, along with the hiring of a bartender, can be particularly costly. Bartenders are frequently paid by the hour, and the cost of the drinks may depend on the number of guests and the amount of alcohol they consume.

With a tiki party boat, the bartender, along with wine and beer, are often included in the rental cost. The party guests can enjoy drinks at no additional costs, and you can stay within your budget.


The boat is a standalone venue, so there are no other people in an adjacent room or building who may complain about noise levels or threaten the privacy of the event. Guests can have fun without feeling as though they are under the scrutinizing watch of strangers in the same venue.

The private atmosphere can be fun-filled and relaxed, offering the perfect environment for a final party prior to the nuptials. Guests can even wear swimwear.

There is no additional fee for a private room, and you don't have to reserve a large establishment for the party. The only cost is that of the tiki boat rental.

If you are considering a tiki party boat for an upcoming bachelor party, contact a rental establishment in your local area and ask about renting a tiki bachelor party boat.


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