One Way Trailer Moves — Here's What You Should Know

Posted on: 27 September 2022

Moving would be complicated without trailers. They pack huge loads and travel long distances without malfunctioning. One of the biggest relocating concerns for many is moving out of state, which is often costly since you must return the truck to the headquarters. One way trailer moves have simplified the moving process.

This article describes a one-way trailer move, its operation, and the benefits of using it to move.

What is a One-Way Trailer Move?

One-way trailer moves have made it easy for movers to travel long distances, sometimes interstate, without incurring additional costs. In most truck rental companies, you must return the truck to the headquarters after the move. However, with a one-way trailer move, you don't have to do so. You drop the trailer at the pre-arranged location, usually their office, and they handle the rest. That saves you the cost and time for the return journey.

How Do One-Way Trailer Moves Work?

The process starts by booking a trailer that suits your needs. Specify the trailer size and engine capacity that will be able to haul your cargo. Select your destination and calculate the miles. Schedule a moving day, get a quotation, and put your affairs in place. Indicate if you need a driver or if you'll drive the truck to your destination. You should prepare to pay extra for a driver. Moving trailer pricing depends on the distance, trailer size, and region. Talk to the moving company to know if they're flexible with the pricing and whether you should pay before or after you've finished moving. It's crucial to factor in fueling costs to help you determine the total moving cost. That's why you need to specify the engine capacity to help approximate the trailer's fuel consumption for the entire journey. 

Why You Should Use One-Way Trailers

Choice is the first benefit of using one-way trailers since you get to pick a suitable truck among several others with different capacities. You choose a truck based on the size, type, and capacity that meets your moving need. Saving money is another concern for anyone moving. One-way trailer moves only charges you for the miles you cover to your destination. That way, you avoid the additional fueling costs of returning the truck. Logistics companies compete for market share, resulting in the availability of many trailers and slashed prices as incentives to attract new clients. The competition creates a win-win situation, clients enjoy affordable moving rates, and the companies consolidate the market share. 


One way trailer moves offer an excellent way for people to move or transport goods for long distances on a budget. Contact a moving expert if you need help with one-way trailer relocation.

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