Using Climate-Controlled Freight Transport For Your Grocery Business

Posted on: 31 March 2022

When you own a grocery distribution business, you know how important safe product delivery can be to your customers. They expect you to ship out and deliver frozen and refrigerated foods that are not too warm or melted.

However, keeping foods at the right temperature might be a challenge when your buyers are located across the state or country from your warehouse. You can overcome this challenge and ensure the safe delivery of your buyers' products by hiring professional climate-controlled freight transport for your business.

Keeping Foods Cold or Frozen

When you retain a climate-controlled freight transport service for your business, you can keep the foods you ship out to your buyers frozen or cold. Your grocery store buyers may rely on you to keep products like ice cream and popsicles frozen solid during shipping. They also may expect you to keep milk, eggs, cheeses, and other dairy foods chilled while these foods are on the truck.

You may not be able to afford to buy foam coolers and large bags of ice in which to pack frozen and cold foods for your clients. Instead of investing in these expenses, you can use climate-controlled freight transport for your business. The semis for the climate-controlled freight transport have beds that are kept cold enough to store and carry foods at the right temperature to prevent melting or rotting.

Avoiding Product and Monetary Losses

Another benefit of using climate-controlled freight transport involves avoiding product and financial losses. When customers receive products that are damaged or ruined, they may expect your company to compensate them accordingly. You may have to pay out thousands of dollars each year if your clients receive melted or rotten products.

Instead of paying out money for ruined products, you can use climate-controlled freight services to send out your grocery orders. The products arrive at the right temperature and are not damaged or melted. You avoid having to absorb product and monetary losses.

Product Variety

Finally, climate-controlled freight transport may allow you to expand your business's product offerings. You can offer more than just dry goods and staples like pasta, baking products, and cereals. You can also ship out frozen or cold groceries and increase your business's profits.

Climate-controlled freight transport benefits your business in a variety of ways. It ensures your customers get products at the right temperature. It also spares your business from expensive product or monetary losses and lets you expand your product offerings. 

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