The Advantages Of Driving A Wheelchair Accessible Rental Van

Posted on: 6 January 2022

When someone in your family uses a wheelchair, you may face a challenge in transporting them to the doctor's office, hospital, school, or other places to which you need to go. Your personal vehicle may not be large enough to accommodate their chair. You also may not have the physical strength to lift this person into your car and then store the chair in your trunk or cargo space.

Instead of leaving this person at home or asking someone else to give this person a ride, you can lease a vehicle that can offer the accommodations your relative needs. You can benefit from using a wheelchair-accessible rental van to drive this person to and from places as needed.

Ample Room

One of the main advantages found with a wheelchair-accessible rental van involves its ample space. It is designed to be roomy enough to accommodate the passenger's chair, as well as other passengers who may need to ride in it.

You can load your relative and their chair in the wheelchair-accessible rental van without having to make this person feel cramped or crowded. You also do not have to store the chair in the back of the van to make way for other passengers.

Wheelchair Ramp

The wheelchair-accessible rental van may also come with a ramp that you can use to load your relative in and out of it easily. This ramp can lift and lower your relative and their chair without requiring you to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.

It may use hydraulics to raise and lower the wheelchair and the person in it in and out of the vehicle. This person does not have to rely on someone to lift them out of the van and place them in the wheelchair whenever they need a ride.

No Wear and Tear

Finally, a wheelchair-accessible rental van spares your vehicle from wear and tear. You may want to spare it from getting gouged and scraped from the wheels on a wheelchair. You also may want to avoid having the interior leather and carpeting dented and ruined from the wheelchair's weight.

A wheelchair-accessible rental van can offer a number of critical benefits to you and your wheelchair-bound relative. It offers ample space for them to be loaded into and ride. It also spares your vehicle from wear and tear. 

Reach out to a disability equipment supplier to learn more about wheelchair-accessible rental vans


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