Reduced Cost And Free Transport Services For The Disabled

Posted on: 19 October 2021

Being mobility-compromised should not have a bearing on whether you are able to attend a doctor's appointment or partake in a social outing. If you recently moved to a new town and do not drive, seek reduced-cost and free transport services that are offered in your area.

Government Agencies

Government agencies that serve the disabled or the elderly may offer reduced-cost transport services or free transport services. A government program may require that a participant meets a specific list of guidelines. The guidelines may include that the person being served is unable to drive a vehicle or that their income does not exceed an outlined threshold.

If these requirements are met, a client can typically arrange to be picked up at their home and transported to a doctor's office or a shopping center. Some government programs may limit the types of outings that transport services will be furnished for. For instance, if medical trips are the only ones that are covered, you will be given this information when you first contact an agency in your area.

Charitable Businesses

A non-profit agency that caters to disabled and aging adults may raise proceeds for transport services. A charitable business relies solely upon donations. This type of transport service will not require you to pay any money for the services rendered. A charitable business may arrange transport services for those who would like to go on social outings or for people who need to attend medical appointments or purchase medical equipment essential for their well-being.

Contact several non-profits in your town and inquire about any transport programs that are offered. Some businesses may furnish a map of their coverage area. If so, request a copy of the maps that are of interest. Use them to plan each transport session.

Private Entities

A private transport service may offer rides for those who are physically disabled. Transport vans and buses that have been modified and that meet the federal requirements for being safe to shuttle disabled individuals around may be offered through a private transport service.

When contacting a private business, inquire about the size of each vehicle that is being offered, whether or not vehicles are equipped with a manual or electric lift system, and the distance that a passenger can travel during each transport session. Some private companies may charge a nominal fee. This fee will allow a private shuttle owner to maintain their fleet of vehicles and pay for fuel costs.

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