4 Tips For Using A Bus To Get Everyone To Your Big Event

Posted on: 14 May 2021

If you are putting on a big event and providing transportation to the event, you will need to arrange for buses to get everyone to and from the event. Providing event transportation for your group can help ensure that your event goes off smoothly.

Tip #1: Book in Advance

When it comes to booking a charter or special event bus, the best thing you can do is book in advance. The sooner you can book, the more likely you are to reserve the exact number and quantity of buses that you need for your event. Keep in mind that event transportation companies tend to be extra busy around holiday seasons and in the spring and summer, so if your event falls within those time frames, be sure to book at least six months out.

Tip #2: Include Transportation in the Event Package

Next, as you set up the event, ask your sponsors to pay for the transportation. Asking a sponsor to pay for the transportation is a great way to attack a specific sponsors name to something special with your event, such as "Transportation to The Big Blogger Conferences Provided by Special Blogging Company Inc." This will allow you to keep your costs down for your attendees and will provide a way for one of your sponsors to stand out.

Tip #3: Rent a Bus with Wi-Fi

When you choose a bus to transport people to and from your event, be sure to choose a bus that has Wi-Fi integrated onto the bus. That way, you can provide the perk of Wi-Fi to everyone attending your event. In addition, this will make it easier for people to look up information before the event and share about the event on the way home. You can even provide everyone with a hashtag to use on social media to spread the news about the event and encourage people to do so while on the bus.

Tip #4: Check for Parking

Don't just assume that there will be parking for your special event buses at your chosen venue. You will want to call the venue in advance and see if they have bus parking or if there is bus parking nearby. It is your job to ensure there is somewhere for the bus to park to drop off, pick up everyone, and park while waiting for the event to be over.

When arranging a special event that requires transportation, be sure to book a special event charter bus with Wi-Fi at least six months in advance. Get one of the sponsors of the event to pay for the transportation. Be sure to arrange for parking for the buses at the event venue. 


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