Important Reasons To Add A Dump Truck To Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Posted on: 4 November 2020

As the owner of a hauling or construction company, you need to have a certain number of commercial vehicles in your business fleet. You use these vehicles to provide delivery or removal services for your client. You also spare your personal vehicles from the wear and tear that comes from driving them for business purposes each day.

However, to make your fleet even more serviceable, you may want to add a vehicle like a dump truck. Here are some reasons to include a dump truck in your business's commercial fleet.


One of the main reasons to include a dump truck in your fleet is because it gives your fleet versatility. This kind of truck is designed primarily for holding heavy loads and dumping them at designated locations. However, it is also ideal for using for services like pickup and removal of large items like appliances, machinery and even small vehicles.

Rather than invest in a flatbed trailer or tow truck to use just for picking up and hauling away items, you can buy a dump truck. This truck can be used for delivery, pickup and removal, as well as dumping loads of rock, sand and other materials.

Heavy Duty Wear and Tear

Another reason to add a dump truck to your fleet is because it can handle rugged wear and tear. This type of truck is designed to withstand some of the most challenging driving environments. It can tolerate being driven in snow and ice. It can also withstand being taken out in deep mud and muck without getting stuck and needing a winch out.

When you want a commercial fleet truck that will provide reliable use even in some of the worst driving conditions, you can get this performance with a dump truck. You don't have to worry about what roads and environments that you drive it on.

Finally, the typical dump truck does not require that its driver obtain a commercial drivers license to operate it. It also does not weigh as much as a commercial semi-truck. You do not have to insist on your drivers getting their CDLs to drive these types of trucks.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in a dump truck for your business's fleet. It can be used for a variety of purposes. It can also tolerate driving conditions like mud and snow. Drivers likewise do not need CDLs to drive it. 


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