3 Details To Decide When Shipping A Vehicle From The US To Canada

Posted on: 14 January 2020

If you have a vehicle that you need to transport from the US to Canada, you have options other than physically driving the car to Canda yourself. One alternative is transporting the vehicle using a US to Canada vehicle transport service. Before you commit to a vehicle transfer service, here are a few things you need to decide. 

1. Your Preferences Regarding the Trailer Used to Move the Vehicle

To get your vehicle to its final destination, the transport service will use a trailer to move it. You have two primary options when it comes to the trailer used to move your vehicle.

One option is an open trailer. Though exact prices depend on the transport service that you use, an open trailer is usually one of your cheapest options. Your vehicle will usually be loaded onto the trailer with other vehicles, and it will be exposed to the elements during the drive. 

Your other option is a closed trailer. A closed trailer typically has a higher price tag, but it will keep your vehicle protected from dirt, bugs, and precipitation during the drive from the US to Canada. Usually, your vehicle will be in a closed trailer with other cars that are being transported unless you opt for private transport.

If you're transporting a valuable car, vintage car, or vehicle that you otherwise want to keep looking pristine, it's best to go with closed vehicle transfer. 

2. How Quickly the Vehicle Needs to Arrive at Its Destination

When you get a quote for vehicle transport, the service will give you an estimated timeframe for its arrival. Make sure that the arrival date is suitable for any time expectations or limitations that you have. You may be able to pay extra to expedite the transfer.

3. Whether You Want to Purchase Additional Insurance for the Vehicle During Its Journey

Even the safest transport service occasionally runs into bad weather or detrimental traffic conditions that can lead to an accident. Reputable vehicle transport services have some type of insurance that covers vehicles that are damaged during their travels from the US to Canada.

Before even considering a vehicle transport service, make sure the transport service is insured. You also need to inquire about the limits of the transport service's policy. 

Depending on the value of your vehicle, the transport service's insurance limits might not be sufficient to cover damage or a full loss in the event of a severe accident. Call your insurance provider to see if they offer insurance for vehicles that are being transported, and if so, what the limits are for this coverage. If these limits don't cover the full value of your vehicle, inquire about purchasing supplemental coverage. 


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