4 Things You Should Know About The Boat Shipping Process

Posted on: 18 September 2019

If you have a boat that you need to ship to a new location, it is natural to have a lot of questions about the boat shipping process. There are numerous companies that offer boat shipping services.  

Getting Your Boat Ready for Shipping

In order to get your boat ready for shipping, you need to do a little prep work. You are going to want to take down any removable structures and store those structures. You are also going to want to secure all doors, hatches, and windows on your boat. All gear should be stored or secured so that it will not move around and get damaged while your boat is being shipped.  

From a mechanical standpoint, you should also drain your water tanks, holding tanks, and fuel tanks before shipping your boat.  

Get Your Boat Shrink-Wrapped

If you can get your boat shrink-wrapped prior to shipping, that is always a good idea. Shrink wrapping your boat will help keep the interior of your boat clean and protect it from the dust that can accumulate on your boat during the shipping process. Also, shrink wrapping your boat helps further secure all the items on your boat. 

Get the Right Insurance Policy

Call and chat with your insurance company to see if your insurance policy will protect your boat while it is being transported by an outside company. If your insurance will not coverage any damage to your boat, see if there is any additional insurance coverage you can purchase. Although everything should be fine since you are hiring a professional team to transport your boat, they can't control other drivers on the roads, which is why it is always smart to make sure your boat is fully insured for the transportation process.  

Get the Boat Properly Measured

To ensure that the boat transportation company has the right information for shipping your boat, you need to measure your boat yourself. Don't just depend on the specs for your boat. The boat transportation company will be able to provide you with guidelines on everything they need you to measure. If you don't trust your own measurements, see if they can send someone out to measure the boat before the shipping date.  

If you need to ship your boat soon to a new destination, make sure your boat insurance policy will cover it while it is being transported. Clean your boat up and secure everything before shipping and, if possible, get your boat shrink-wrapped as well.  


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