Dump Truck Safety Rules To Remember

Posted on: 6 January 2019

Whether you're operating the dump truck or working in an area where a dump truck will be operated — safety is critically important. A dump truck is an incredibly large piece of equipment, and if it's not used correctly or the necessary precautions aren't taken, you can end up with injuries or property damage at the least. Learn some critical dump truck safety tips that should never be ignored.

Adhere to Weight Guidelines

All dump trucks are not rated the same, as there are some truck designs that are intended to handle more weight than others. If you don't know this information, it's likely that you could overload the truck. 

When you overload the truck, you can cause the lift system to fail. An issue with the lift could cause the bed to slip or drop while in the raised position, as a result, the contents of the truck could then unexpectedly spill out of the truck's bed. Pay attention to the weight rating of the truck and adhere to it.  

Prepare the Ground

Ensure the terrain where you will operate the truck is level. A large part of the truck's safety is its ability to stabilize or balance its weight. If there is too much weight in one area of the truck, the driver might have a hard time stabilizing the truck, which can increase the risk of the truck tipping over. 

A minor dip in the road might not seem like an issue, but as the truck travels over the dip, it might create an imbalance that can cause the trucks' weight to suddenly shift. In addition to ensuring the road is level, you should also ensure you keep the loads evenly distributed through the bed to avoid this issue. 

Keep the Bed Flat

The bed of a dump truck should only be lifted when you are actively dumping a load. You should never leave the bed in the lifted position when you are driving the truck. The biggest threat that driving in this state creates is that it obstructs your view. 

For example, there could be a power line or other tall structure that the bed of the truck could hit without your knowledge. Additionally, if you still have a load in the bed, while in the lifted state, the contents of the load will shift to the back of the truck, which can create issues with stability. 

Dump truck safety is important no matter the level of experience the driver has or the environment the truck is being operated in. So, ensure you practice safety at all times. Contact a trucking company, like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc, for more help.


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