How To Properly Taste Wine While On A Wine Tour

Posted on: 15 May 2018

Most people do not know enough about wine. In fact, when they decide to take a wine tour, they often expect to be drinking glass after glass of wine. While this is allowed by most vineyards, it is actually considered somewhat crass and undignified. There is a proper way to taste the wines that vineyards offer without drinking entire glasses and missing out on the rich flavors of each vintage of wine.

Take Just a Little in Your Glass

This is not a "belly up to the bar" situation; you are attempting to taste wine with a touch of class. You take only what is poured in your glass, which is typically a couple of gulps.

Swirl the Wine

Swirling the wine helps the wine "breathe". It has been corked in a bottle for quite some time, and the alcohol vapors have floated to the top. Letting the wine breathe by swirling it helps push out a little of the alcoholic vapor so that you can taste the wine and not the vapor.

Smell the Wine

Next, you must smell the wine. Stick the glass right up under your nose without touching your nose to the glass. Inhale deeply. You are preparing your nose for tasting by inhaling the scents of the wine. Remember, your sense of taste is deeply affected by your sense of smell. You would rather fully taste the wine than smell your surroundings and taste that while you are sipping. You also smell the wine so that you can appreciate the flavors that were added during its creation.

Sip Gingerly and Spit

Like a hummingbird would delicately taste a flower, take the smallest sip of wine from your glass. Yes, the person who poured your glass gave you a few gulps, but you should only take a sip first. Do not swallow this first sip! Instead, swirl it gently over your tongue, attempting to taste the flavors and the tannins. Is it mildly sweet at first and bitter with licorice flavors on the back of your tongue? What other fruits can you taste? Finally, spit out that small sip and drink from your given water glass. 

While this seems like a waste of good wine, you cannot effectively taste the next wine or wines if you still have the first one lingering on your tongue. By spitting it out, it cannot affect your sense of smell, which happens whenever you swallow your food or drink. The water cleanses your tongue so that you can repeat this process with the next wine. If you find one or two wines you really like, you can drink more of them (and actually swallow!) and/or buy a few bottles to take home.


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