How To Host An Amazing Party With A Western Theme

Posted on: 19 September 2017

Are you fascinated with things that have a western theme? Perhaps you are an individual who loves those old John Wayne movies and old Bonanza TV shows. Or, maybe you have visited places like Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas that all feel like they never left the cowboy days behind. If so, you might be planning to host a party that has a western theme to it. If so, from making your own invitations to buying an authentic reproduction stagecoach for your guests to enjoy, here are some ideas on how to plan an amazing party with a western theme.

The Invitations - Make the invitations really unique by designing and creating them yourself. If you're a pretty good artist, that'll be easy for you to do. If you're not good at drawing, not to worry! Just turn to your computer for designs that have been done for you.

Think of having a representation, whether hand-drawn or whether a computer drawing,  of an old stagecoach for the front of your invitation. Add words like, Hop On And Join The Fun as part of the design.

Consider asking everybody to wear cowboy and cowgirl duds. Everybody being in character will just add to the fun of your western-themed party. 

The Entertainment - Rent an authentic reproduction stagecoach! Or, even consider buying one from a company like Arizona Stagecoach Manufacturing Co. so you can use it in the future.

You'll be amazed at how real the authentic reproduction stagecoaches look and feel. Just picture the ones you saw in those old-time movies, and you'll be picturing the kind of stagecoach you can have for your party.

The design of the reproduction stagecoach will be made of hardwood that will withstand weather. And, the designers have not spared details. For example, the door handles and the seating are very similar to those in real stagecoaches because of the artistry of the individuals who create them.

Think about having a professional photographer at your event, or just ask somebody who is good with a camera to take pictures. If you buy the authentic reproduction stagecoach, take pictures of your guests in front of it so they can have a memory of your wonderful event. They might even use the pictures as their Christmas cards this year. And, for a fun party favor, send everybody home with a red bandana that has a message tied to it with a rope. The message might say something like, Thanks for Ridin' With Us, Y'all!


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