Practical Reasons To Rent A Limo

Posted on: 10 June 2016

Renting a limo can be a glamorous experience. You get to ride in a luxurious and beautiful vehicle while being chauffeured to the destination of your choice. The idea is to arrive in style after enjoying a carefree ride, often with other party-goers. Surprisingly, hiring a limo can also be a practical choice for you and your teenage children.


Whether you are a middle-aged person going to a Christmas party or a teen attending a senior prom, taking a limo can be one of the safer transportation options, particularly when drinking is part of the festivities. Although no one under 21 can legally drink in a limo, teen social activities often include alcohol. When your child and their friends rent a limo for prom night or other social occasions, you know they will not be driving drunk, an assurance that is worth the price of the rental. As an adult, you never intend to drive drunk, but people get carried away at parties. If you have a limo waiting to take you home, you will be less likely to engage in dangerous behavior. Also, since you have booked a professional limo service, you will be safe with the driver. Hailing a cab when you are tipsy makes you more vulnerable to less-than-honorable drivers. 


The price of limos will vary, particularly in different areas, but you can expect to pay approximately $65-$100 per hour for a standard limo that will hold six people. If you split the cost of a limo rental, the price will not break your budget. The limo driver will charge you for the time you are attending the party, of course, but even if you spend hours there, your part of the ride may only be $100, an affordable bill for special occasions, even for teenagers who spend up to $2100 on prom expenses. Hiring a taxi to and from a party can easily cost you $40 or more without having the cab wait for you. With a limo, you will pay more, but you also get elite treatment and stress-free transportation. 

A limousine ride should feel like a pure luxury and add to your enjoyment. As an added benefit, it can also be a practical choice, especially if you take into account the safety element it provides. The next time you or your teen have a party or other special occasion to attend, investigate hiring a limousine. Contact a business, such as Deluxe Limo and Party Bus, for more information.   


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