Four Types Of Couriers And How To Choose One Based On Speed, Time And Distance Required

Posted on: 6 April 2016

There are so many different couriers that deliver your envelopes and packages now. A long time ago, couriers used to deliver only on foot or horseback, before several faster machines were developed. Now you can hire a courier from companies that use one of four types of locomotion to move your package across town, across the province, across the country and out of the country completely. Here are the four types of couriers, categorized by type of locomotion, and how to choose the right one based on the speed with which you want your packages or envelopes delivered.

Bicycle/Moped Courier

Bicycle and moped couriers can crisscross your city quickly and easily because they are not trapped by kilometers of traffic or bound by the same rules of the road. If you want to get an envelope or package across town faster than any shipping company can deliver it, hire a bicycle or moped courier to make the delivery. Usually, within an hour or two of picking up your package/envelope, this type of courier can have it delivered.

Truck Courier

Usually, when most people think of modern couriers, they think of truck couriers. Items of any size or type can be delivered in and by a truck courier. The two advantages that a truck courier has over a bicycle or moped courier is that a truck can carry your items a greater distance in shorter time. For example, if you shipped something by truck courier to the other side of the province, the truck courier would deliver it within a matter of hours, whereas even the most fit bicycle courier may need several hours beyond that and the moped courier would have to make several stops for petrol or electrical recharges.

Train Courier

Trains travel to-and-fro over Canada every day. It is one of the primary sources of travel for both people and cargo. Train couriers pick up your items for shipment from the depot and deposit them at the destination depot. You may need interim shippers to pick the items up from your home or office and drop them at the train depot and then again at the destination depot to pick them up when they arrive and drop them off where they are supposed to go. Train couriers are faster than truck couriers and can take your items across the country much faster than the trucks can. Additionally, the trains often go through areas of Canada where it might not be possible for the trucks to go.

Plane Couriers

Plane couriers take your items to provinces where there are few to no roads and they help ship items out of the country at lightning speeds. Faster than absolutely any ground level courier, plane couriers can ship things overnight via air, but you may still need pick up and drop off services on both ends of the plane courier's trip. Still, if you need to ship something out of the country and it has to be somewhere overnight, the plane courier is what you need. Contact a company like MC Dispatch Delivery Services for more information.


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