Things Frequent Flyers Do Differently

Posted on: 3 March 2016

If you are a once-in-a-while flyer, it may be ok to visit the airport unprepared. But frequent flyers know that there are several ways to streamline the process for greater comfort and convenience. Here are some things that frequent flyers to differently to improve their airline experience.  

They Take an Airport Taxi

One thing that comes with experience is the decision to take an airport taxi. While you can save a few dollars by hopping on public transportation or taking a shuttle, an airport taxi can save you a lot of time standing in lines and being lost at your destination. If you can find an airport taxi company (Black Top & Checker Cabs has cab service) that has drivers in many different locations, you can save even more time by using the same company repeatedly. 

They Wipe Down Their Seats

Another key to frequent flying is staying healthy. There are a number of things that travelers can do to reduce their exposure to germs. For instance, many frequent flyers use antibacterial wipes to clean off their seats. With so many travelers using the same confined spaces, germs can accumulate quickly. Bringing your own pillow and blankets can also help to cut down on close exposure to someone else's germs. 

They Take Advantage of Airline Benefits

Airline benefits can also stack up for frequent travelers. Airline-affiliated credit cards, for example, can help you to gain miles for your trips from everyday purchases. It also pays off to stay loyal to a single carrier, since the miles can rack up to gain you free flights. Some carriers have alliances that give you a greater choice of airlines while still accumulating miles into a single account. 

They Pack Their Food

Saving money can be important when you're splurging on a flight, and some casual travelers aren't aware that they can pack their own food on most domestic flights. There are obviously some restrictions, such as liquids, but a sandwich and some chips should be able to pass through security. You can save quite a bit of money by packing snacks and a meal for your family on the flight and only buying your drinks at the airport.

So, if you hope to travel like the pros, these tips can help you to increase your enjoyment and reduce stress during your flight. The time and effort you'll save are often worth the upfront investment and planning it takes to do your trip right. 


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