When to Consider Tipping a Taxi Driver Extra

Posted on: 14 December 2015

Good service should be complimented, especially when it comes to transportation service professionals like taxi drivers. A common concern is often how much to tip. When it comes to tipping, a good place to begin is 15% of your rate, but for exceptional service, an increase is often deserved. However, what you give should solely be based on your experience. The next time you take a taxi ride, here are some of the things you want to look for to help you gauge your tip appropriately.

Alternate Routes

While taxi drivers aren't exactly magicians and can't hover over traffic magically, taxi drivers can provide the most efficient route to help you arrive at your destination as quickly and as safely as possible, regardless of traffic.

When your taxi driver makes this type of effort to help speed things up, this is something you want to reward. In addition to helping you reach your destination faster, finding a quicker route can also help lower your fare, which results in more money in your wallet.


The taxi is the driver's domain, but it's nice when a driver takes your comfort into consideration. For example, on a rainy, summer day, if you've been standing outside in the rain waiting for a taxi, you will likely be wet. Stepping into a cab, wet, with the air conditioner on can be uncomfortable.

A driver that asks you if you'd like them to adjust the air conditioner is an extra step that you don't want to overlook. When a driver goes out of their way to keep you comfortable, take note.


You also want to pay attention to how knowledgeable the driver is with the city or area in which you are traveling. For example, when you get into a taxi and tell the driver where you want to go, a knowledgeable driver will know exactly where they are going with little, if any, additional input from you.

In some cases, even if you don't know the exact place you are trying to go but have some details about it, a knowledgeable driver can also use this information to get you where you are trying to go.

All of these factors are common among taxi drivers such as Taxi by Richmond Cabs Ltd. However, some drivers are stronger in certain areas than others. You can use your driver's performance in these areas to help you determine how much of a tip you should provide.


Learning About Taxi Services

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